We carry our experience in the digital sector to the world with exporgin.com, which we define as the internet marketplace project that we designed with our own team and that we plan to implement in September 2021. We support Turkish businesses and brands that we mediate to be competent in foreign exports. Our goal in implementing export is to expand the export volume of Turkey, which has great potential.

On the way we started with the B2C2B model, we aim to contribute to the entrepreneurs we are a stakeholder in and to develop together. Supported by Professional Trade Organizations, Exporgin.com offers local businesses and brands the opportunity to develop their business abroad with its carefully designed infrastructure.

Among the countries that we plan to bring a voice with exporgin are European countries, the United States, China, Gulf countries, Russian-speaking countries and Turkic Republics. Our goal is for local businesses and brands to increase their market share in these countries and to open their wholesale or retail products and services to foreign trade.