“Porgin Digital Technologies:
Your new partner in digital technologies and initiatives.”

As Porgin Digital Technologies, we were established with the mission of making a difference in the digital sector, signing projects that will shape digital trends, and providing investment support to creative, ambitious and innovative projects.

Our basic principle is to be known as the smart investor of the future with the capital power that we have behind us, which has been operating in the industrial sector for more than a hundred years and adopts continuous production and employment. We adopt continuous development with our executive staff with thirty years of experience, who have contributed to the companies that constitute the milestones of the e-commerce sector in Turkey.

We are aware that each project has its own special dynamics. With this awareness we advocate the benefit of autonomous and productive human resources. We care about the presence of local entrepreneurs abroad and give priority to providing know-how support to digital projects in Turkey.

We offered our support to nearly a thousand e-export entrepreneurs operating in the country by providing trainings on foreign exports. We will continue to be the intermediary of entrepreneurs who want to be active abroad. We continue our efforts to ensure that the projects we partner with are sustainable and achieve success in the global market.


We set our short-term and long-term goals. Exporting digital projects that we think may be valuable in the global market and becoming a brand in the technology sector are among our main priorities. In addition to these, we see it as our vision to have a say in the mobile game industry and to become the center of attraction of the network ecosystem by providing the necessary human resources.