With the “Biletinial” application ,we combined our ways with Interbilet Distribution Organization Industry and Trade Inc. which has proven itself in the ticket industry. We are proud to be an investor and collaborator of ”Biletinial”, which dominates the sector with its own technological infrastructure.

The ”Biletinial” application has been operating since 2011 to ensure customer satisfaction in the ticketing services of the cinema, theater and entertainment sector. “Biletinial”, whose business partners include the state theaters and the State Opera and Ballet, sells tickets under contract with more than three hundred movie theaters and more than two thousand halls.

We are aware of the responsibility we take on being an investor in such a project that serves to make the face of our customers laugh and increase their cultural accumulation. With this awareness, we aim to make the project effective at home as well as abroad. We aimed to make the” Biletinial ” application the leading organization of the ticketing sector in Europe, Arab Countries, Russia and Turkic Republics, especially in the Balkan countries.

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